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Cargo Ship Painting

We are a team of extraordinary painter provide exceptional service to our client.

With the understanding of how sea water will affect the color coating, our professional team aim to deliver high satisfaction to every project. Your Cargo ship are set for sailing extra long miles, so as our long lasting promise.

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Cargo Ships repaint and paint maintenance.

Cruise Ship painting and decorating.

Navel Ships painting and maintenance.

Why do ship often painted red at the bottom?

In the old days, big ships protect themselves from barnacles and wood-eating worms by covering their bottom in copper oxide paint that acted as a biocide. This biocide was the reason why gave the paint a red tint. 

Nowadays, biocides can be mixed with almost any colour. But the ship bottom are still painted in red to maintain the tradition.

Looking for someone to paint your container

We will paint your containers at a discount price when you hire us for your cargo ship painting.

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  • Brush paint
  • Paint repair


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